2015 Senior Portrait Model Program


Troutman Photography’s Senior Model Program

Once again Troutman Photography is gearing up for this year’s 2015 Senior Model program.  I’ve got our print lab cranking out promo materials, our staff searching through the applications we’ve already received and our intern will be filming promo videos until he can’t see straight.  Why are we pulling out all the stops?  Because … Continue reading

Why you really need a Headshot

sharon copy

Head Shots & Professional Portraits

I’m going to start the day off by being brutally honest.
Imagine that.
I am not Channing Tatum, Brad Pitt or even Tom Cruise.  These guys have made millions smirking at the camera and generally driving women nuts (in a good way).   How did they get so lucky?  It all started with a head … Continue reading

Scary Santa Revisited


Our Nightmare Before Christmas

We realize this is long, but originally it was split into three posts.  Please put down your beverage so as not to spit it upon your electronic screen. – Clare

Part One – Off to Visit Santa Claus

A couple of Christmases ago I decided to take my son to go see Santa for the … Continue reading

Troutman’s Black Friday / Cyber Monday Special

BOGO gift card

It’s Black Friday.

First we stuff ourselves (remind you of anything? like a turkey perhaps?) to the point that we have to loosen our jeans, lay out flat, and sweat profusely while our digestive system does its best to handle the flood of food. Then we stay up all night, camp outside in the freezing cold, and count … Continue reading