Head Shots for Photographer’s Wives

Last year's headshot

Today, I am not a photographers wife, or a photographers assistant.  Today I am a small business owner and a newly elected board member.

Today I have to have a professional head shot taken.

By someone other than my spouse.  And it sucks.

Now, I know the photographer who’s taking my portrait.  I know he does an amazing job  … Continue reading

Boudoir Photography – It’s not just for Valentines


Valentine’s Day is coming.  It’s true.  You know how I know? Boudoir session inquiries tripled in the last week.  But boudoir photography (i.e. sexy/beautiful pictures of one’s self) is not just for Valentine’s Day.  We (the American public) use Valentine’s Day as an excuse for thinking about boudoir, but the real reasons for the pictures has little to … Continue reading

5 Holiday Portrait Tips

Every holiday season I run into my friends and neighbors while Christmas shopping and I always get the same question.  “How in the heck can I get good pictures of my kids for my Christmas cards?”.  Fighting back the urge to shamelessly plug my studio I always answer with same tips to help set them on … Continue reading

Santa Claus Pictures 2014

Santa thumbnail

I don’t want to brag but I just happen to be close personal friends with Santa himself.  Each year Santa takes a few days away from making toys and drops by our studio to pose for pictures.  This year is no exception. Santa and Troutman Photography will be at Hometown Furniture in Lebanon offering portraits with Santa on Dec.6th … Continue reading