Get Your Senior Portraits – NOW

senior portraits in oregon

Get It Over With

If wearing a hat made of angry cats OR pepper spraying your own face sounds like a better alternative to having your senior portraits done, then listen up!

Every year we get tons of last minute clients (usually guys) whose mothers drag them in to our studio – kicking and screaming. … Continue reading

Christmas in July Portrait Special

Christmas in July special at Troutman Photography

The first annual Christmas in July special.

As a kid I remember thinking that Summer time is my favorite time of year- except for maybe Christmas.  I remember thinking how awesome would it be if you could combine them.  I had dreams about a Christmas with loud Hawaiian shirts, tropical breezes and massive piles of sand covered … Continue reading

WHY you should schedule your senior portraits ASAP!

IMG_0929 copy2

I will be the first to admit that choosing a senior portrait photographer is a really big deal.  You should never just “wing it” because you and possibly your children will be looking at your  portraits for the rest of your life.  It is a huge deal.  So I encourage you to do your homework when it comes … Continue reading