Awesome Family Portrait Secrets

Family portraits in Salem Oregon.

I let my kids photo bomb each other, make silly faces, be horribly obnoxious and a funny thing happened. Somewhere in the middle of all that craziness we capture our greatest family portrait in years AND we had fun doing it! Continue reading

Get Your Senior Portraits – NOW

senior portraits in oregon

Get It Over With

If wearing a hat made of angry cats OR pepper spraying your own face sounds like a better alternative to having your senior portraits done, then listen up!

Every year we get tons of last minute clients (usually guys) whose mothers drag them in to our studio – kicking and screaming. … Continue reading

Christmas in July Portrait Special

Christmas in July special at Troutman Photography

The first annual Christmas in July special.

As a kid I remember thinking that Summer time is my favorite time of year- except for maybe Christmas.  I remember thinking how awesome would it be if you could combine them.  I had dreams about a Christmas with loud Hawaiian shirts, tropical breezes and massive piles of sand covered … Continue reading

WHY you should schedule your senior portraits ASAP!

IMG_0929 copy2

I will be the first to admit that choosing a senior portrait photographer is a really big deal.  You should never just “wing it” because you and possibly your children will be looking at your  portraits for the rest of your life.  It is a huge deal.  So I encourage you to do your homework when it comes … Continue reading