Senior Portraits for Foster Kids

Have you ever met a person that completely opened your eyes to a problem you never even knew existed?  I met that person this year.  I’d rather not mention her name but she was a foster student who came to my studio for senior portraits.  Her foster parents were very upfront about the fact that my studio was more … Continue reading

Annual Monster Mash Photo Bash

Halloween Food Drive

For those of you who are new to the Monster Mash Photo Bash, this food drive supports our local fire department’s food drive. For a small donation of two canned items we will photograph your child in their Halloween costume and give you a free 5 x 7. Of course, no purchase is necessary (you may purchase … Continue reading

Ahhh!! I forgot my Senior Portrait!

…and the deadline is in October!!!!

Sound familiar?   Don’t worry, everyone here at Troutman Photography is completely prepared for this – because it happens every year.  Year after year, we see seniors at the very last minute and understand that life sometimes just gets away from you.  If you were to ask last year’s … Continue reading

Awesome Family Portrait Secrets

Family portraits in Salem Oregon.

I let my kids photo bomb each other, make silly faces, be horribly obnoxious and a funny thing happened. Somewhere in the middle of all that craziness we capture our greatest family portrait in years AND we had fun doing it! Continue reading