What guys should wear for senior portraits.

Dress for guys senior portraits

What guys should wear for senior portraits.  Part One – Jeans.

Let’s face it, guys are simple.  Not a huge revelation there.  So when a guy asks me what should they wear for their senior portraits, I say keep it simple.  One of the simplest places to start building a guys senior portrait wardrobe is with a … Continue reading

The question you’re to embarrassed to ask…Horizontal or Vertical?

Example of a Horizontal headshot.

The question I’m going to answer for you guys today is one I’ve been getting for years. It seems that nobody really knows the answer for sure and everybody is looking for a professional opinion. The question is “horizontal or vertical”? This question as you can imagine greatly depends on the context of the conversation. So in the interest in keeping this blog “G” rated let me provide you with some context. Continue reading

Head Shots for Photographer’s Wives

Traditional verticle format with a non traditional headshot.

Today, I am not a photographers wife, or a photographers assistant.  Today I am a small business owner and a newly elected board member.

Today I have to have a professional head shot taken.

By someone other than my spouse.  And it sucks.

Now, I know the photographer who’s taking my portrait.  I know he does an amazing job  … Continue reading

Boudoir Photography – It’s not just for Valentines


Valentine’s Day is coming.  It’s true.  You know how I know? Boudoir session inquiries tripled in the last week.  But boudoir photography (i.e. sexy/beautiful pictures of one’s self) is not just for Valentine’s Day.  We (the American public) use Valentine’s Day as an excuse for thinking about boudoir, but the real reasons for the pictures has little to … Continue reading